US Airport Ecosystem Development Program (AEEDP) 
Socio-Economic Development

We believe that “SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT” is the most efficient and exponentially effective way to ensure economic growth and community sustainability. This multifaceted approach mobilizes an organized multi-discipline, multi sector and multi-industry alliance focused upon airport economic ecosystems for sustainable economies and communities.


This includes:

  • Focus and priority regarding the empowerment and inclusion for women, BIPOC and veteran-owned corporate, commercial and government contracting firms.

  • Promoting individuals and organizations that already exist within the ecosystem as a means of internal-asset-based economic development.

  • Incorporating public concerns in the development of business ventures and economic initiatives. This includes - sustained improvement in the well-being of the individual, groups, family, community, and society at large.

  • Using local and regional resources in a way that enhances economic development while improving social conditions in a sustainable way.



Our purpose is to improve STRATEGIC SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT throughout airport economic ecosystems for healthy, sustainable, diverse, equitable airport economic ecosystems and communities across the U.S. and internationally.



A major part of the overall strategy for achieving the AEEDP vision is to establish an International Strategic Development Think Tank composed of experienced public and private sector thought leaders from within airports, governments, and corporations.


Then, with guidance from think tank member organizations and executives, we will engage small to mid-tier community-based companies to help them secure long-term, sustainable contracting opportunities that benefit their local and regional airport economies.


This includes equipping these businesses with specific, tangible, measurable tested and proven tools, resources and ongoing support that can enable greater capacity to compete, perform and grow. 

International Strategic Think Tank.

Purpose of the think tank is to use its collective knowledge and experience to get 1500 women, BIPOC and verteran-owned businesses securely past the $1,000,000 in annual revenue mark over a 24-month period. Thus, this is done by strengthening regional airport economic ecosystems throughout the U.S. and creating new business opportunities abroad.


We recently began think tank recruitment and development efforts. Our imperative is to secure 250 strategically selected members. They will serve as the primary 'Socio-Economic Development Engineers and International Thought Leaders" for the program. They will also build relationships, mentor and work with participating ATL Airport Chamber of Commerce(TAAC) members and the 1,500 "constituent women, BIPOC and veteran-owned firms" that we are recruiting and vetting to go participate as AEEDP Constituency Firms. 

Think Tank International Strategic Development includes:


  • Utilization of existing economic policies and practices to achieve AEEDP goals.

  • Working with large corporations, the federal government as well as local and regional governments to explore new and/or improved policies and practices to realize shared goals.   

  • Provide business intelligence and industry expertise that enable a competitive advantage for AEEDP constituents and partners.

  • Utilize AEEDP constituents in new and existing teaming, partnersing, joint-venture and subcontracting projects.  

  • Facilitate  infrastructure enhancement, funding enhancement and administrative support for AEEDP constituents and partners.

Serves as a corporate and governmental affairs liaison for AEEDP constituent firms.

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